Sync Price to all your Stores

Multi Store app allows you to sync product's retail price from primary store to all other stores.

In order to sync price between stores, items in all stores must have exact same name.

Please first change the prices in primary store use Clover Inventory app, wait for couple of minutes to ensure Multi Store app have pulled the latest price changes from Clover Inventory app. Go to "Prices" page in Multi Store app, it will show you all the items that have different price from other stores.

If the "Changeable" column showing X, that means you don't have permission to change the price in that store. Please see "Grant Permission" section about how to get "Change product price" permission.

If you want to sync price now, please click "Sync Price" button on the page:

Grant Permission

First find the store on My Stores page,  click on "View Details" button next to the store. Then click on "View/Edit Permissions" button to view the existing permissions as below, select "Change item price" permission so that you can update the price in that store.

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