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Address Labels Setup

This App supports Brother QL-710W/QL-720NW/QL-800/QL-810W/QL-820NWB  label printer, which you can purchase online or from local Office Depot or Staples stores.

If you use QL-800 or QL-810W printer, please turn off "Editor Lite" light on the printer. You also need Reboot Clover POS once after connect QL-800 series printer to its USB port.

QL-800 printer doesn't work with Clover Flex or Clover Mobile because these devices don't have USB port.

Once you get the printer, simply connect it to Clover Station's USB port with the USB cable that comes with the printer, and install one of the following 10 types of labels:
  • DK-1204 (0.66" x 2.1" or 17 mm x 54 mm)
  • DK-1209 (1.1" x 2.4" or 29 mm x 62 mm)
  • DK-1201 (1.1" x 3.5" or 29 mm x 90 mm)
  • DK-1208 (1.4" x 3.5" or 38 mm x 90 mm)
  • DK-1202 (2.4" x 3.9" or 62 mm x 100 mm)
  • DK-2113 (2.4" x 50' or 62mm x 15.2m) Clear Film Tape
  • DK-2210 (1.1" or 29mm) Tape
  • DK-2205 (2.4" x 50' or 62mm x 15.2m) Tape
  • DK-2211 (1.1" or 29mm) White Film Tape
  • DK-2212 (2.4" x 50' or 62mm x 15.2m) White Film Tape
  • DK-2251 (2.4" x 100' or 62mm x 30.4m) Black/Red on White Tape (QL-800 series printers only)

Connect Printer by WiFi

If you use Clover Mobile/Flex, you can connect the printer to Clover Mobile/Flex through Wifi Connection. First connect the printer to the network through Wifi, then open the settings page by click on "Settings" menu item.

Check "Connect Printer to Clover by Wifi"

By enabling this option, the app will search for the printer in your wireless network and configure it automatically.

Connect Brother QL-720NW/QL-800/QL-810W/QL-820NWB

If you use Brother QL-720NW//QL-800/QL-810W/QL-820NWB printer, please open the settings page by click on "Settings" menu item.

Tap on "Printer Model" option to select the correct printer model:

Auto Cut Label

If you want to cut each label automatically, please enable "Auto Cut Label" option as following:
  • Open Menu and select "Settings"

  • Check "Auto Cut Label" and click "Done"

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