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Manage Appointments through Google Calendar

Since Appointments Pro is integrated with Google Calendar, you can manage appointments through Google Calendar either through web or phone. Here is how:
  • Ensure you have already setup the app with a Google account and created at least one calendar (e.g Jim Smith) from the Appointments Pro app on Clover POS. 
  • Log into Google Calendar with the same Google account that is connected to App. 
  • Go to "My Calendars" from the left panel and expand the menu. You will see the calendar(s) created in Clover under My calendars. Select the checkbox next to the calendar. Then appointments created in Clover will appear on the Google Calendar screen.

  • When you add appointments through Google Calendar, please click on the Calendar field and select one of the calendars created in Clover (e.g. Jim Smith) so that the appointment will appear in the Appointments Pro app on Clover POS.

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