Additional Printer

You can add second printer as "additional printer" to print labels for certain items by selected categories. For example, you can use primary printer in the front to printer labels for drinks and use additional printer in the kitchen to print label for food items.

"Additional printer" could only be connected to Clover device through WIFI or Ethernet. 

Here are the steps to setup additional printer:

Tap on "Additional Printer" to open additional printer setup page.

Printer Model

Tap on "Printer Model" option to select the correct printer model:

Enable Printer

Make sure the printer is already to connect the same network that Clover device is on either through WIFI or Ethernet. Click on "Enable Additional Printer" checkbox to enable additional printer. By enabling this option, the app will search for the printer in your wireless network and configure it automatically.

Order Categories 

Tap on "Order Label Categories" option to select the categories that you want to print label for and save.  If no category is selected, nothing will print out from Additional printer.

Label Type

By default, additional printer uses the same label type as the main printer. If you want to use different label type, tap on "Label Type" option to select the type you need.

Don't Print Order Label for Selected Order Types

If you want NOT to print label for certain type of orders, please go to "Don't Print Order Label for Selected Order Types" option and pick up the order type(s) that you don't want to print labels for. Only the order types that are not selected in the settings page will print. If you want to print  label for all types, don't select any order type there. 

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