Where to Buy Caller ID Device?

Phone Orders app integrates with " Ethernet Link - Whozz Calling? POS (Basic)" caller ID device made by CallerID.com

The device can capture caller ID from incoming phone calls. Once It is connected to the same network as Clover Station with wired network cable, it allows Phone Orders app to display the caller ID in app.

You can use the caller's phone number either to search customer from existing customer database or create new customer without manual entry.

Please go to CallerID.com to check the price.

If you'd like to purchase the device, you may contact CallerID.com directly by 800-240-4637. They will also help you to set up the device.

CallerID.com needs to know the IP address of Clover Station in order to configure the device for you. In order to find out the IP address, you can select "Settings" on Station Dashboard.

If the station is connected to network by wire, you will see the IP address from "Ethernet" page.
If it is connected wireless, you will see the IP address from "Wi-Fi" page.

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