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Set up Customer Online Booking with Appointlet

Because Appointment Pro is integrated with Google Calendar, you can use other Google Calendar-based Online Booking softwares such as Appointlet for customer online booking.

You can following the steps below to set up Appointments Pro with Appintlet:
  1. Install the Appointment Pro app on Clover and link the app to your store's Google account.
  2. Create a Calendar for each employee that is going to accept customer online appointments.
  3. Register/Log in to your Appointlet account to link the same store Google account to Appointlet.
  4. Add the services customers can book online in Appointlet.
  5. Add Staff Member/Employee Name, Biography, or Photo, and setup Service and Working hours.

6. Select the same Calendar created in Appointment Pro app as the Employee's calendar in Appointlet.

Once you finish the Appointlet setup, you can publish the online booking page to your site using various methods provided by Appointlet. Appointments made by Customer through the web site will show up in the Appointment Pro app on Clover, and appointments created in Appointment Pro will block off the slot in Appointlet.

Please note Appointlet is a 3rd party app. Please go to for more information about Appointlet. You may contact Appointlet support for information about how to set up the service with your web site.

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