Stock Transfer

This feature is only available on Web.

When you have multiple stores using Clover and these stores are connected through Multi Store Reporting app, you can transfer products between stores using Stock Transfer feature.

When products are transferred from Store A to Store B, the stock count for these products in Store A will be adjusted with reason "Transferred out of the store". A new "on order" Purchase order will be added to Store B with these products. Then once Store B receives the products, they can simply mark the purchase order as received and move the products into stock.

Create Transfer

When you are ready to transfer products to another store, you can go to Products page and select products that you want to transfer.
Use the check box to pick products, click "Add To Transfer" to create a new transfer with selected products. 

Then in the transfer page, you will select a store as destination,  enter PO # and vendor (optional) as well as enter the quantity for each products. The PO # is used as reference number for this transfer as well as the PO # for the new PO created in the destination store. You can also optionally enter a short notes for this transfer. The notes will be copied to destination store PO too.

From the "Add to Transfer" drop down list, you can also choose to add the selected products to an existing transfer by selecting an existing transfer name:

View Transfers

You can view all the transfers by selecting "Stock Transfers" menu item. You can see transfer date, destination store name, PO #, products and status for each transfer. The transfer hasn't been completed yet, its status is "Pending".

You can view the Transfers by Store by selecting a store from the store selector. You can also use "New Transfer" button to create a new transfer.

Transfer details page show you the total number products in the transfer as well as the status of each product. The transfer item could have one of the following status:
  • Ready - it is ready for transfer.
  • Product not found, will add - couldn't find the product in the destination store by its name or product code. Stock app will add this product in the destination store.
  • No enough stock - there is not enough available stock to transfer. You can either reduce the transfer count or add more stock by PO.
  • Too many matched products - find more than one matched products in destination store. Only allow to transfer single matched product.
Use "Update Status" button to refresh the status after these problem is fixed in destination store. You can use "Edit Detail" button to add or remove product , change quantity for the transfer.

Complete Transfer

Once all the items are in "Ready" status. You can use "Complete Transfer" to transfer the stock from this store to destination store. The available count for these products will be adjusted and a new PO will be created in destination store. After they received these products, they can mark the PO as received and move product into stock to sale.

Request Transfer

You can request stock transfer from another store and send it to the store. Once the other store received the transfer request, they can review it and then complete the transfer as described above.

When you are ready to create stock transfer request, you can go to Products page and select products that you want to transfer. Use the check box to pick products, click "Add To Transfer" to create a new transfer request with selected products or use the "New Transfer Request" on Stock Transfer main page to create transfer request from scratch.

Both Stock Transfers and Transfer Requests are displayed together on the Stock Transfers page. The requests are marked with "Request" in Date column. Received transfer requests are marked with "Requested By" in Destination column as the screen shot below:

At "Select Source" field on Transfer Request page, please select the store where you'd like to transfer stock from. And enter the requested products and quantities similar as you create Stock Transfer. 

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